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Website Strategy & Design

Your most important business asset as a photographer is your website. It’s where you have the best opportunity to convey your brand message and identity to your audience and convert visitors into clients. It’s your online storefront, and for many of you, your only storefront. It’s often the first impression prospective clients have of you, and unlike social media platforms, it’s something you own and are in complete control of.

The possibilities are endless.

I’ll help you evaluate, strategize, and execute your brand identity into an online space that is more effective, using research-based techniques, so that your website can finally be the powerful marketing tool it’s meant to be.

I’ll teach you the website strategies you’re missing, and help you create a website that is effective as it is beautiful. 

This workshop is hosted on the Illuminate Classes educational platform.


Meet The Instructor

Kate Densmore is an internationally-acclaimed documentary photographer, filmmaker, and website designer who is passionate about implimenting creative solutions for story-loving brands. Currently located at the South Rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park, she’s been serving clients worldwide since 2009 and has built a spotless reputation in the photography industry for her vision, work ethic, and dedication to her clients and the craft.

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course syllabus


Week One // Evaluate

Students will identify and define their target audience and site-specific goals.

    • identify target audience

    • define brand message

    • breakdown current site structure

    • identify site wide goals and page specific purpose

Assignment: website audit for current website

Week Two // Strategize

Students will identify the content building blocks of a website and learn effective techniques for increasing the effective strategy of their website. 

    • write dynamic copy

    • utilize social proof through testimonials, badges, honors, etc

    • plan out call to action sequence and sales funnel

    • optimize photographs for maximum impact

Assignment: website building blocks & strategy

Week Three // Execute

Students will create a finished home, about, and details page for their website. 

    • pull it all together with a revised landing/home page

    • revised about and details page

    • BONUS: driving traffic to your website and building a simple “while you sleep” connection funnel

Assignment: Submit 2-3 finished pages of new website for review


 Class Mechanics

  • 100% online and open to those in any time zone

  • the workshop is hosted on the Illuminate Classes educational platform

  • written weekly lessons

  • video lessons to supplement the written lessons each week

  • a detailed website audit/review of your current website

  • a weekly assignment due each Sunday with individualized, detailed feedback from me via a screen capture video or written feedback

  • daily interaction and support from me

  • a live Q&A chat with myself and the class

  • two marketing-based bonus lessons to be completed on your own after the class ends

  • silent students will be given their own section of the classroom to interact together

  • at the conclusion of the course, students will receive a PDF of the course content

  • an invitation to a private Facebook group so you can continue to support each other after the course is over


before you register

Students who already have a website will get the most out of this class, since rather than focusing on how to build a website on a specific platform, this course covers research-based website strategies and supports students in executing those strategies.

Websites hosted on any platform are allowed, however platforms with a high degree of customization ability (Squarespace, Wordpress, and Show-It. etc) are encouraged. Websites not on these platforms may be limited in the ability to execute my suggestions. 

Please note: this course will not teach you how to use a specific website platform, but will focus on global strategies that can be applied to any website platform. You will need to know how to proficiently work with your chosen website platform without my support. 


NEXT RUN: January 7-27, 2019

This workshop is hosted on the Illuminate Classes educational platform, and is completely online. Students in any time zone and at all abilities are welcome to register, but please note the course prerequisites before signing up to insure you get the most out of this course.

active seat: $300 // silent seat: $200


Please note the course prerequisites before signing up to insure you get the most out of this course.