The Salt & Pine Collection


One click presets and creative tools for Lightroom and ACR.

The Salt & Pine Collection is a set of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) presets and creative tools inspired by the wild ocean and rugged rainforest of Washington’s Pacific coast. You’ll find hints of the salty ocean, mossy forests, golden sunsets, and the twilight hours, along with the dramatic atmosphere of the remote area I called home for five years.

This collection of Lightroom and ACR tools includes the exact presets and brushes I use on my own work to achieve my favorite looks. You’ll receive 18 presets (6 black & white, 6 clean edits, & 6 matte edits), as well as 3 helpers and 7 creative brushes. Each preset is subtle and designed for professional photographers who appreciate detail and nuance, and are looking to enhance their work in an organic, creative way.


You can try out a FREE sample set HERE. 

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These presets are designed for ACR and Lightroom 5-6 and CC, and with the exception of the helper presets, are also compatible with Lightroom 4. They are designed to be applied after white balance and basic exposure adjustments are made. This collection of tools are not meant to correct white balance, or other exposure issues, but are designed to enhance a properly exposed image.

Due to the nature of digital products, purchases are non-refundable.


  1. Lucy Baber

    Kate’s presets are beautifully subtle, yet strong enough to really elevate just about any image. I love how Golden and Twilight really bring out the beautiful hues of sunset, and Pine is awesome on indoor lifestyle shots! The adjustment brushes are an awesome addition as well. And my favorite part is that these layer perfectly with my normal workflow, so I can still maintain my usual “style” with just a bit of extra magic from Kate! Highly recommend these…so happy to add them to my LR preset library!

  2. Jenn Valluzzo

    I am really loving these presets. They are super simple and give my images just enough of what I’m looking for. Too many times I’ve purchased presets where I had to tone them down because otherwise they’re just too overdone. There is such beauty in the simplicity of these! I use them all the time now. Thank you Kate!

  3. Tavia Redburn

    These are so versatile! They can do a lot to your images, or they can add a subtle yet beautiful finish. These are going to be apart of my regular workflow. Bravo, Kate! Love them!

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