Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Raise your hand if the words “my reach on Facebook is awful!” have ever come out of your mouth?

I wish I could tell you that it’s not you, it’s Facebook - but the reality is, most of us are using Facebook all wrong, and then getting annoyed that it’s not working right. Yes, Facebook wants you to spend money. They are a business themselves, after all. But they also want you to get results from the money you spend, and the wealth of tools and information they provide via the Business Manager is astounding. If you aren’t taking advantage of everything there, you are leaving money on the table. Period.

Your frustrations with social media and Facebook in particular are likely a result of two things: not having a clear plan, and not utilizing all the tools Facebook gives you.

I will create and execute a social media marketing plan for you, and help you make sense of the tools, and utilize that wealth of information in order to create a targeted, ongoing plan that gets your message in front of those who want to see it.

This isn’t just managing your regular Facebook posts. This is about running a series of split testing, audience targeted, message specific ads over a period of time, designed to drive traffic and increase your brand visibility. Because THAT is where the true power of Facebook and social media marketing lies.

Because every business is different, please reach out to me and let’s chat about your specific needs.

$450 per month with an additional minimum Facebook budget of at least $150 per month

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