The Newsletter Collection

The Newsletter Collection

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Let's take the stress out of your newsletter with a collection of 24 content pieces designed to connect with your audience in a genuine, heartfelt way while saving you loads of time. 

Each piece in the collection is 300-600 words of pure connection-based goodness. You'll be able to stop using your newsletter to sell to your clients, and instead focus on using it to serve them through content that connects. Because as Seth Godin says, "people buy relations, stories, and magic."

Written by a family photographer for family photographers, you can copy, paste, and send exactly as is, or customize them as much as you want. 

A full year (or more!) of ready-to-go newsletter content that'll save you hours and hours of time, and get your connection-based marketing off to a solid start? Yes please! 


  • instructional PDF

  • a master PDF list

  • 20 content pieces

  • a bonus 4 piece welcome funnel

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