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You’re sitting at your kitchen table. One child is pulling at you and asking for water while you’re trying to help your other child with his homework.

For a moment you feel split in two, and you drown a little in how hard it is to be so needed.

But then a voice in your head reminds you that all things pass (including the good things), and that one day you won’t be needed so much.

Your heart constricts and you realize how much you want to hold onto THIS.

This exact moment: the ordinariness of being needed, of being right in the thick of it with your children. It reminds you of all those who’ve gone before, who’ve told you to hold onto these days with everything you have, and you know you need to find a way to make that happen. 

I understand. And I can help. 

I provide tangible evidence of that aching things-are-passing-too-quickly feeling.