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Your branding may be a logo, fonts and color choices, but your BRAND is you. 

I'm sure you've heard that message over and over, and have maybe even gone down the path of trying to figure out your own brand, either on your own or with a professional. But it's still hard to know exactly what that means, and how to best communicate it to others. Being able to create a set of elements that communicate who you are to the rest of the world is an important step for any business. 

My role in all of this is to help you find not just your brand and a set of visuals to match, but your VOICE. I'm going to help you find your why, and figure out how to express that to the world. 

In a word - I'm going to help you find YOU. I've already done it for hundreds of photographers when it comes to defining their photographic voice, and it's just a small step to taking those same skills and turning it into a personal brand that cannot be ignored. 

how it works


After you've booked by paying the retainer, I give you a bit of homework consisting of a Pinterest assignment and an in-depth questionaire. You take your time with it, and get it back to me by our scheduled start date. 


I take all that information and create a moodboard for your approval. The moodboard is crucial in defining the look and feel of your new brand, so we'll go back and forth as many times as it takes to get just the right look. 


Using that moodboard as inspiration, I provide you with font options, and then from there I create rough mock ups of potential logos. Again, we go back and forth every step of the way to insure that each decision is just the right one for you. If you've booked me for a full visual brand, we also create a cohesive set of graphics to go with your new visuals.


After presenting all your elements on a branding board for the big reveal, I export and package up each element so it's ready to use. If you've also booked a website design package, we shift gears and continue working on that together. 


I'm with you every step of the way, as a mentor offering advice and experience, as a partner who listens to what you want, and as a designer who does my best to deliver exactly what you need. 

Jennifer Bogle // Offset Artist thrilled with the results I’m more than

of the design work Kate performed, and cannot recommend her highly enough.
$1500 TIME FRAME // 4-6 WEEKS
booking approx. 1-2 months in advance
Branding Package

This is where we dive into the heart and soul of who you are, and work together to translate those things into a set of cohesive elements that tell your story to the world. Part design, part branding, part mentorship, it's a process that will have you ready to take on the industry and grow your business even further. 

INCLUDES: an in-depth questionnaire, a Pinterest homework assignment, a one hour business consultation, moodboard, color scheme, main logo, logo variation(s), submark, font recomendations, a set of social media icons, call to action buttons, signature graphic, a set of initials, any other brand icons or graphics you need, and a complimentary set of online marketing boards 

$3000-4500 TIME FRAME // 8-12 WEEKS
booking approx. 2-3 months in advance
Branding + Website Package

In addition to everything you recieve with the VISUAL BRANDING PACKAGE, we also work together to brand your Prophoto 6 or Squarespace website template. 

I'll uploaded the right fonts, colors, and graphics, place your images in the right places, and insert the copy your provide, creating a website that integrates beautifully with your branding. We'll also meet via Zoom so I can show you the basics of maintaining your newly branded site. I'm also available for basic support for 30 days after handing your site over. 

Pricing varies depending on which template you choose, how complicated it is, the shape of your current website, how closely your new template meets your needs, and if you need help writing new text or if you need additional pages not provided with your template. I'm happy to discuss your needs and give you a custom quote at any time.

a three month intense business mentorship for serious photographers $1500 Brand

This option is for the serious business owner who understands that the goals only work if you have a well-laid out plan to get there. If you want to start, or re-launch, your business intentionally, this intense, three-month mentorship is designed to help you think long term and crush your goals. 

INCLUDES: three months of intense one-on-one mentorship, including six 60 minute strategy sessions and access to me via email whenever you need. Nothing is off limits, but we'll for sure cover topics like your brand mission, statement, and story; your ideal audience and how to connect with them in a deeper way; products you can offer that fit with your brand; blogging/newsletter/social media development and strategy; curating a portfolio that gets you hired; and ways to diversify your income stream that still fit with your mission and story; and anything else you specifically need help with. 

Jen Bilodeau // Click Photo School Mentor & Breakout Instructor 100% of herself into everything she does. If you have been fortunate enough to cross paths with Kate before, you know she puts

This was an investment in my business that will pay dividends for years to come.
frequently asked questions

What type of files do I receive?

 For all three package options, I deliver all final files (logos, social media, graphic elements, etc) in .psd, .jpeg, and .png. 

Do you provide font files?

Due to licensing requirements, I can only provide recommendations on fonts for you to purchase if you wish to incorporate them beyond the collatoral files I provide. 

Do you provide color numbers?

Absolutely! At the completion of your project, I will send you a cheat sheet of color samples, font names, and RGB numbers so that you can be sure to get the exact same shade as is in your branded materials. 

Are you available for website design only?

Generally I only do website design for clients who've been through the branding process with me. Creating a cohesive, beautiful website is about so much more than a set of logos or colors - it's about creating a seamless experience that communicates exactly what you do to your ideal audience. Going through the branding process together means that I gain an amazing amount of insight into who you are, allowing me to better create a website that communicates that to everyone else. 

I already have a set of branding elements that I love, but your brand mentorship sounds amazing! Can I book just that?

Maybe... please reach out and contact me so we can chat about your specific situation. I need to look over your current branding and website, and see if you are in a place where the brand mentorship on it's own would be beneficial.

Jessica Peterson // Birth Photographer know me and my style so quickly. What amazes me most is how Kate was able to

I couldn't be happier with the entire experience.

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