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brand identity + website design

for story-loving photographers, small business owners, & non-profits


what did you do today to build your business? connect with a client? serve your audience? polish your online presence? gain credibility with those your serve?



Do you know what the single biggest asset most online businesses have? Their website. Unfortunately, it’s also often their biggest liability.

Why? Because most photographers focus on how pretty their site is, and ignore the functionality and best practices that turn a website from a passive online space and into a dynamic client funnel.

Outdated design, confusing navigation, underused social proof, an incomplete sales/contact funnel, etc - all things that limits your site’s ability to do it’s job: turning visitors into clients.

This is where I come in: we take a big picture approach, defining your audience, brand message, and client funnel, and then we go through every single piece with a fine tooth comb, creating a custom Squarespace website that honors every inch of what you do and is totally unique to your, your business, and your needs.

And most importantly, one that connects not just with any potential client - but with your ideal clients. Because that’s where the magic is.

Let’s make sure your brand and website works just as hard as you do.


01 // clarity

Clarity comes from knowledge. It comes from understanding what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. It comes from understanding what sets you apart, and also what draws clients to you. It's the most invaluable part of the branding process, and is the heart behind the external pieces. 

02 // consistency

Consistency breeds trust. It's what gives your clients the faith they need to invest in you. And it's what sets you apart as a true professional. It's the message, visuals, and heart that runs through everything you do: every email, every webpage, every graphic, and every touchpoint. 

03 // brand confidence

Knowing who you serve and what you stand for means that you'll always know who you are speaking to. You aren't chasing every lead, because you'll know how to attract and choose the gems who are the right leads. You'll instinctively know the best "next move" for your business because you'll have taken the time to develop the clarity and consistency you need to find the confidence you crave. 


clarity + consistency = brand confidence


custom website & DESIGN SERVICES


additional Services:


website review

Do you feel like your website isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be? Book a website review with me and I’ll send you a 45 minute pre-recorded video within three business days of receiving your website link, walking through your site and making specific suggestions for what you can do to make it better.

$125 // 45 minute recorded video

hourly projects

Need help with something that doesn’t quite fit into the scope of my regular packages? I offer hourly billing for miscellaneous website and design projects. If you’re looking for help with paper collateral such as business cards, tweaking something on your Squarespace site, or designing a client guide or eBook, this is the option for you.

$75 per hour // four hour minimum for new clients, no minimum for current clients


ready to book?


I offer a complimentary 30 minute consult to prospective clients to chat about their specific needs. If you’d like to schedule one of these, please use the button below. 

When you are ready to book, please contact me to reserve your time on my schedule.

I request a 25% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking, with the remainder due by the project start date. Payment plans are available.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


*** only ONE opening left for the rest of 2018! ***


frequently asked questions



I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation call to any serious prospective clients. If you aren’t sure where to start, or want to see how well we’d work together, please reach out to schedule one with me.


Depending on my schedule, yes. Please contact me with your project details and I can provide a rough time-based quote using my ala cart rate of $75 per hour.


At this time I am no longer accepting custom ProPhoto websites, but may be open to template-based projects depending on which version of ProPhoto you are using, the template you've chosen, and the scope of the project. Please contact me for a custom quote and availability. 


Yes! A smart business owner knows the importance of investing in their business, but they also know the importance of maintaining a budget. Please reach out and we can come up with a payment plan to suit your specific needs.


Contact me and let's set up a call to discuss your project. Then I'll send you an invoice for a non-refundable deposit of 25% to secure your date on my calendar. Once that is paid, I'll send you the various worksheets and homework assignments you'll need to have done by the start date. The remaining 75% is due by the project start date.

Payment plans are available.