You Don't Have To Do It All

KD1_0192-1 Last week I started to feel that familiar tightening feeling in my chest.

The one that makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. Despite the fact that January saw two incredible opportunities open up to me, I still found myself back at the familiar place of paying too much attention to what everyone else is doing.

One friend announced her own amazing opportunity. Another couple friends were featured in awesome places. Others landed great clients, or saw a big leap in their business. There were a couple magazine covers thrown into the mix, and some new positions on teams of various online organizations. I think there were even some awesome vacations thrown into the mix.

It was a lot of good happening to other people. And though my heart swelled for my friends who were seeing so much success, I still found myself worrying that I wasn't keeping up.

And then I realized that it wasn't so much that any one person was doing more than I was, it was that my social media feed was fooling me into how much everyone was actually doing. Because my mind wasn't distinguishing that THIS friend did this, and THAT friend did that - it was simply seeing that EVERYONE was doing things I wasn't.

But then I took a deep breath. And realized that my friend who announced a new workshop, wasn't the same one who announced a cover. And the one that got the really cool feature, wasn't the same one who was added to the team of an online organization. The one who was finally booking at her higher pricing wasn't the one who was being published. At least, not all at the same time.

A number of big things happened, to a number of people. No one person was getting it all, even though my irrationally tightening chest was telling me that everyone was doing everything.

And once I remembered that, I started to feel like I could breath again. Because the truth is, I am keeping up. In my own slow way.

And more important than keeping up - I'm following my heart and pursuing the dreams that matter to me.

Someone else's dream may seem shiny and appealing, but it isn't always the right one for you. And when you can acknowledge that you don't have to do it all, you find out how much easier it is to do the things that matter to you.

So I'm going to keep smiling about the things I'm doing, and keep cheering on the things others are doing. And find some relief in knowing that while I can't do it all, if I follow my own winding path, I might just be able to give my all.

Kate DensmoreComment