A Workshop Review from Christy McDaniel Photography

14152560398_e3fca743b7_o "Kate, your workshop was an amazing experience! I was blown away by your teaching methods, guidance, and insight. You expressed such care toward everyone in the workshop and their experience with the new materials and learning engagement. Your course e-materials were well thought out and packed full of information. With each new week, I found the PDFs extremely resourceful and provided me with guidance for the daily and weekly assignments. You have given me a "tool-belt" to wear now and long after this workshop, and the knowledge to use these tools and devices in a way that help me express and strengthen my photographic voice and vision. I truly thank you Kate for hard work, dedication, and your awesome feedback! You are a true inspiration!!" --- Christy McDaniel, of Christy McDaniel Photography 

Kate DensmoreComment