A Workshop Review from Alice Che Photography

AliceReviewPic"This is definitely one of the best workshops I have ever taken. Kate is a fantastic teacher. The material she presented was wonderful and thought provoking. She is insightful and has a talent for reading your personality just by looking at your work! She was incredibly dedicated to the class, and it was obvious that she truly cared about each and every student. I loved that Kate was constantly pushing us. She wanted us to critique our own photos and talk about why we chose the devices we did not just to make the photo pretty, but to communicate our intent. Not only has she helped me become more intentional in my shooting, I feel more confident about critiquing others as well! I came out of the workshop having a strong sense of who I am as an artist and where I want to go from here. Seriously, if you're struggling with being deliberate with your shooting and with finding your voice, I highly highly recommend Kate's workshop." --- Alice Che, of Alice Che Photography

Kate DensmoreComment