A (workshop) Day in Rome


The week of 10/15/17 5 of 52

Location: Rome, Italy

Notes on what I want to do better next time: Man. I have to say that I adore this video, flaws and all. It means a lot to me - I know that it has a lot of flaws, but it brings me right back to this week. It makes me laugh and it makes me feel like I am right back there. And that is what I'm striving for, ultimatly. I want to create videos that bring us right back to the moment - the way it felt, not just the way it looked. I know that over time my skills will get to where I can do it the way I see in my head, but flaws aside - this video is the perfect representation of how this week in Rome felt.

Rome - One from Kate Densmore on Vimeo.

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