When the Struggle Becomes the Cure


young girl playing with a puzzle You guys - I'm struggling this week.

I try to be transparent and vulnerable when it comes to this space. I think it's really important to talk about those things, and not shy away from the messy. There are enough Pinterest-perfect, Instagram-curated, Facebook-fake things out there, and I don't want to contribute to that heaviness that we all seem to have lately. So when things aren't going well, I want to share that, just as much as I want to share the good.

It's so incredibly hard, though, to balance that honesty with the need to be also be seen as competent and professional. Many of you who read this blog have worked with me before, and many of you have told me you want to work with me in the future. So I'm super aware of those watching me. I do not want to let you down, ever. And while I have never felt judgement from those of you who support me, I do feel a lot of self-pressure to be strong and in control. To hold space, so that you have the room to grow and achieve YOUR dreams.

But this week has taken a lot of that fight out of me. This whole year, really - all 4 and a half weeks of it - have been a struggle, and I'm feeling it. And part of me wants to hide that, because I don't want my clients or future clients to worry that I won't show up for them. Because I will, no matter what. And a huge part of being able to do so, is because of the cathartic act of simply writing this post.

You likely have people you have to show up for. And hold space for. And be strong for. And you likely struggle with it from time to time. So when I thought of that, I realized that perhaps a post like this might help you after all. This space - for as much as it's mine, is really about YOU. And maybe there is even just one of you out there struggling the way I'm struggling. And if this post finds you, and gives you that encouragement that you aren't alone, and that you'll get through it - well, it'll make this uncomfortable vulnerability I'm feeling right now so very, very worth it.

So to the one who needs to hear it today - you aren't alone. I am struggling, too. Our struggles are likely different, but how they make us feel puts us on common ground together.

I'm holding space for you today, just in case one of you needs it. I'm doing that by writing this post, initiating a conversation, or even just giving you a virtual hug through this connection of you reading these words. I'm also going to take a few minutes for myself today, and try and create something beautiful. It's such an irony to me that when I need art and that creative outlet of photography the most, is often when it's the last thing I actually want to do.

I don't know what you're struggling with today, but whatever it is, know that you aren't alone. And that you'll get through it, just like we always do. I hope you pick up your camera and create something real and beautiful, too. Even if you don't feel like, because that's likely when you need it the most.

And I have to give you a big thank you for reading this, and allowing me this space - because just in the act of writing this out, I already feel lighter, more capable, and more determined. The struggle has become the cure, thanks to vulnerability.

Much love, my friends.