Week 12 Moment: Your Choice | V&VI Project 52


Here are my Top Ten picks for Week Twelve of the Voice & Visual Intent Project 52 – MOMENT: Your Choice. Intrigued by these concepts? Want to change how you think about your photography? Sign up for the V&VI independent study course here!

Adeena PentlandAdeena Pentland  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Angie KunaAngie Kuna  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Angie SchuerenAngie Schueren  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Cathie LauckCathie Lauck  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Kate LuberKate Luber  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Mary KlineMary Kline  FACEBOOK

Meghann LoftMeghann Loft

Robin YakushRobin Yakush

Sarah HodgesSarah Hodges

Sarah JoosSarah Joos  WEBSITE | FACEBOOK