the North Rim

of Grand Canyon National Park

This past weekend we headed over to the other side of our park service home - the North Rim. It's just ten or so miles from our house - by air. But since there's a giant canyon between our rim and that rim, it requires a 210 or so mile drive around to get to. Which is why it's taken us nearly three years to actually make it over there. 

2018-08-20 - North Rim.jpg

This little trip ended up being a particularly poignant one, as we had just said a forever goodbye to our dear, old best pup, Lhotse. Coming home from this trip was the first time in 14 years we've walked through the door from our travels and not been greeted by his thumping tail and happy, panting smile. Taking him to the vet last weekend, knowing we wouldn't be bring him back home with us, was one of the hardest things we've done. As my husband put it, Lhotse saw us through the very best years of our lives - from before we were even married, when we were brand new, fresh out of college, baby adults, to now, approaching 40 - and to the amazing life and family we've built together over the past decade and a half. 

So this little snippet from our weekend really isn't about him, but it is about the the simple, beautiful life and family he's been apart of. Because this is what our family is all about - being together, having adventures, laughing and crying, and loving each other as well as we possibly can. 

A Facebook friend posed a question the other day, something along the lines of "what would ten years ago you think of the life you lead today?" Without a doubt, ten years ago me would have been thrilled with what was in store for her. In nearly every way, we are living the life we set out to live 14 years ago, when we graduated college and committed our lives to each other. There have been so many unexpected moments of beauty and pain along the way, but we are happy, and together, with beautiful, amazing children, a simple life we adore, and the memories of the best dog anyone could ask for permenantly part of our family story.