The best $95 I spend each year

Two days ago the unthinkable happened: my main external hard drive stopped working. The one that has my Lightroom catalog on it. And all my photographs. ALL OF THEM.

No worries, right? Because I’m smart and I have not one, but TWO additional external hard drives backing everything up, all the time, via my iMac’s Time Machine app. I just have to copy/paste it all over to a new hard drive.


Oh wait…

Except that when I went to restore my image hard drive…. it wasn’t backed up on the other two. They hadn’t failed exactly, but they just stopped backing up that hard drive somewhere along the way, and I never noticed.


But luckily I don’t just have a three tier system (original, 1st back up drive, 2nd back up drive), I also have a 4th, offsite failsafe in place. And that’s the one that saved the day this time. It’s the best $95 dollars I spend every year. Hands down.

If you don’t have an automatic, online or offsite backup system in place, consider this a reminder meant just for YOU. Go sign up for one right. NOW. I use Backblaze and recommend it heartily. They literally saved the last 5 years of my photographic life yesterday.

Worth every penny.

Black Friday is around the corner and I know the inevitable “what should I spend my money on” threads will be popping up. Do yourself a favor, and put a real back up plan at the very top of your list. Yeah it isn’t exciting and it’s not really shiny or fun, but it might just save your ass one of these days, just like it did mine over the weekend.

And if you already have one - bravo. Now go double check it, just in case.