To "Right Now" Me | Dear Photographer


Dear Right-Now-Me, You spend an awful lot of time trying to help others, but today, you need to be a little selfish, and write something just for you.

First off - hey. It's good to see you again. I feel like you have been spending too much time thinking about things that could have happened, things that might happen, and things that will never be. It's good to have dreams, to have goals, to think about the future. But you can't live there. And lately, you've been spending way too much time focusing on what's next, and not enough time enjoying what you have right now.

So, sweet friend - it's time to stop. Stop looking at what every one else is doing. Stop running the numbers and trying to calculate the business stuff. Stop feeling like you don't belong, that you don't have a community anymore, that you are missing out. And stop ignoring your camera.


Right now.

Start reconnecting with those communities you hold so dear.

Start focusing on what you do have. All the wonderful, wonderful clients you are so lucky to work with.

Start taking photographs again - creative, soulful, just-for-you art. It's been far too long, my friend.

Because the thing is, the things you are worrying about - the ability to run a business that meets your family's needs, the ability to keep up what you've started, the ability to make a difference in your client's lives - those things will happen in due time, and worrying isn't the answer.

Doing the work is.

And you can only do the work, right now, in this moment. You can only prove yourself, right now.

So do it.


Until we chat again, Me {May 2016}


Kate DensmoreComment