A Mentoring Review from Jennifer Nobriga Photography

JenniferNobriga “Here’s what I love about Kate: She tailors her mentoring sessions based on your needs. She talks to you and gets to know you and gets you to think about your work in a way you might not have thought of before. I worked with her for a month, online, in a private Facebook group. My goal was to get my portfolio together and apply for CMPro. Once she had access to my set, she got right to work. She made me see things that I wasn’t able to see and before long she helped me whittle my set down to the required number needed. It was bananas and blew my mind! Along the way, she totally gave me those “aha” moments, along with tons of support and incredible encouragement. Even after our month had ended, she checked in on me to see if I had applied!! When I received my acceptance email, Kate was one of the first people I told. I’d recommend her any day of the week… you will love her!” — Jennifer Nobriga, of Jennifer Nobriga Photography

Kate Densmore