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Each month I invite a small group of photographers, writers, and creatives to share their thoughts on a particular topic with our community. My hope is that this series provides a way for others to connect with multiple thoughts and opinions in one blog post.

It's rare that a single individual has the answer that every one else is looking for, but it's possible that through the power of a collective, through sharing our wisdom and being vulnerable, we can get a few steps closer. 

This month I asked:

"What does confidence mean to you?"



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To me, confidence means focusing on improving yourself...  It means constantly trying to know better, do better and be better.  It means being happy with the fact that you are a work in progress.  It means celebrating victories with your friends and neighbors.  Supporting them.  Uplifting them.  And not comparing where they are to where you are.  It means an understanding that passion, hard work, love and service will reap all the reward you will ever need.

Danielle Hatcher | Website | Facebook


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To me, confidence is primarily a coping skill.  It is the stubborn will to keep rising above obstacles in order to not only survive, but to thrive.  When the bills need to be paid and that is dependent on your creative success, then there's just no time to sit around wondering if you are "good enough".  Of course, it's normal to second guess yourself every now and then...but "confidence" is about how you respond to those fears.  As a parent, one of my most repeated phrases to my kids is to "be a problem solver", and honestly that is how I try to live my life.  That is where my confidence comes from.

Lucy Baber | Website | Facebook


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For me, it means allowing myself to be seen for who I am. It’s not always easy, and I have many moments of self-doubt. I have to remind myself that confidence is not an “arrival” but it’s something that I need to continually nurture.

Bonnie Hussey | Website | Facebook


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To me, confidence is not feeling like you know it all or have it all. It's simply feeling like you are working on it all. Confidence is trusting that you are taking action in your life, being the best human that you can be, and being kind to everyone around you. If you are lacking confidence in an area of your life, work on it don't wish for it! Just that action alone will make you feel more confident about it.
Jennifer Carr | Website | Facebook
annabein_sw2016Confidence to me is a deep belief or trust that drives me in everything I do. Confidence doesn’t have to be outwardly extroverted or extravagent.  It can be quiet and understated. It can be just simply knowing that a decision is the right one, or trusting your instincts. It could even just be moving forward and believing in yourself. Confidence is a a certainty in knowing that your chosen path or decision is the most effecitve one.
Anna Bein of Love and Light Images | Website | Facebook
online photography mentorI am confident because I know my strengths. I know my voice has value and is worth sharing. I am also confident because I know I am flawed. I can produce work that I adore and work that could improve. Confidence let's me be O.K. with my struggles because they are a reflection of me. My brokeness can be just as beautiful as my strengths. In fact, confidence says my weakness might just be my strength.
Courtney Larson of Inloveness Photography | Website | Facebook
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Confidence to me means letting it go. Not giving a crap about what others think and freeing yourself to be who you are. Just being able to "own it." Whatever "it" is -- the way you look, the way you laugh, those extra 10 pounds you can't seem to shake since the last baby. Own those piles of laundry! Own the state of your house after 5 kids tornado through it on a Saturday afternoon!
When you give yourself freedom to be who you really are, that's when the magic happens because you aren't tied to the expectations of others. And it won't matter what your hair or your house looks like. Because confidence is a beautiful, perfectly imperfect thing.
Nicki Bosch | Facebook | Instagram

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Confidence to me means being awesome to yourself, loving who you are but also having an open mind and willing to grow. There was a time in my life where I questioned every move I made, I did not think highly of myself and every project I did I thought was awful. It took me a season of being alone to realize that my happiness and confidence did not come from another person or a place or a thing. It came from me.
I was trying hard to please everyone and to make everyone like me and what I had to offer. Then I realized just as some people LOVE coconut or HATE it, it offers a different taste to each individual, I did not have to every person I met, like me. I just needed to like myself and that meant being confident in who I am, to stand behind my work and most importantly to confidently and with all the love in my heart build others up. It's true, what you put out in the world comes back to you. Once I found a community that was built on support, encouragement and building each other up, that was such a game changer and the biggest confidence booster.
And it definitely means singing your favorite song as loud as you can where ever you are.
Maria Conover of Elyza Jayne Photography | Facebook | Instagram
online photography mentorFor me, confidence is deeply linked to experience. Once I've done something, even if I didn't do it well, I know I can do it again. And over time, I get better and better at it, and that journey of experience is where I find my sense of confidence. It just takes one step. The next builds on that one, and so on, and with it comes confidence.
Kate Densmore | Facebook | Instagram
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