Little Artist | Critique Series


Today’s image courtesy of ANNA BRADLEY 


As I look at this image, my eye is immediately drawn to the marker and the drawings on this sweet one's little body. There is a really great compositional triangle at play here, moving my eye from the marker to his face to the other hand and back again. It creates a movement that keeps my eye engaged on the moment longer, and allows me to linger on what is happening.

The light is perfect for this quiet moment - I love how the clean side of his body is in the light, and the marked up side is in the shadow - it makes me think that he knows he's being a little naughty and is trying to hide the evidence, in a really playful, innocent way. The light also allows us to see the shape of the pacifier in his mouth, reminding us just how sweet and young this little guy is.

I really wish the focus had fallen on the hand with the marker, or even the marks on his body. The artist shared with me that she felt that the focus on the other hand created a nice bit of tension between the activity and that hand, but I have to gently disagree. If there was something in that hand that contributed to the story, like maybe a second marker or a piece of paper, or even if the he was holding the paci instead of using it, it would have worked nicely to use that focus as a tool for guiding your eye to that different element. But as is, I think that his sightline, combined with the perceived motion of the marker, means that that area of the image pulls our eye so hard that having focus elsewhere without an obvious reason for it, feels unintentional.

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Anna!

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