A Mentoring Review from Photography 2204

JanaOReviewPic “Like many photographers I know, I doubt myself. I have trouble believing that other people look at my photographs and really like them for more than just the fact that there may be a cute kid in them. I have never excelled at things that require an artistic touch, but I love photography. I love capturing moments. I love seeing an expression, or rich textures, or gorgeous light, or even a delicious cake, and being able to photograph it in a way that others can see what I do. I decided to hire Kate as a mentor because I set a goal of applying for Pro at Clickin Moms. I knew I wouldn’t have the patience or be able to remain impartial when comparing my photos to the intense rubric I would be marked against. I worked with Kate for a period of several months and she was beyond patient with me. I was stubborn but I truly valued all of her advice. She was gracious and kind, but honest when there was a shot in my set that she felt wouldn’t benefit me. It was important to me to have guidance and feedback from someone whose work I love, and who has demonstrated skill at being a teacher (because I know that skill is rare). It was vital that I find someone who would be honest, but in a way that didn’t completely crush my spirit lol. Kate was able to show me WHY certain photos wouldn’t work for that particular portfolio as well as explain concepts in a way that even I could understand.  I’m so very grateful for all her guidance and I know I would not have been successful in my attempt at pro status without her. Even if you are not looking at applying for pro, hiring a mentor is a great way to clear out the cobwebs, and get a push at something challenging. A mentor can help you in areas you feel weak, but also assist you in setting goals and mastering new skills. Worth every single penny.” — Jana O’Flaherty, of Photography 2204

Kate Densmore