Indira Klotzer {from vision to voice}

I thought it would be fun to hear from some Voice & Visual Intent alumni on their creative process that went into an image.

This week my guest blogger is the talented and sweet Indira Klotzer, of Indira Klotzer Photography.


[exif id="2237"]

I wanted to show the textures and details of the birds nest, with its tiny imperfections. I used big hands to show just how big the nest is. I had him position his hands to hold it this way so that his fingers would create directional lines and would also contrast the lines on the birds nest. It’s made very well, but still fragile, so I had him hold it like this (hoping that would show that he has to be careful with it). I used very soft light and kept my settings so that the image would be on the darker side, since I knew I wanted this image to be a black and white one.


Thank you so much for your thoughts, Indy! It's a gorgeous image, and it makes me think of new life and new beginnings. Beautifully done!