Hey Mama, I See You

untitled-2Hey Mama, I see you.

Struggling to make a go out of this whole creative business owner thing.

Your hurdles might be different from my own, but we're bound by the many things that we have in common.

A desire to do more for ourselves. A desire to contribute to our families. A desire to show our kids how multifaceted we really are, and in doing so, encourage them to search out a multitude of possibilities, too. A desire to be more than we thought possible. To not lose ourselves in our families and daily life.

You're tired.

I get that.

You're frustrated.

I get that, too.

But I can see what you can't.

I can see what any of us looking in at you can see - your dedication, your hard work, your tireless cheering on of others and in doing that, making sure that you always give more than you get.

I'm here to cheer you on this time. Rest your sweet head for a just a moment, and listen to me -

You've got this.

That doesn't mean it will be easy. But I believe in you.

Success might not look the way you think it will, but as long as you keep on trying, you are already successful.

And you don't have to go it alone, though being a solepreneur often feels so lonely. Use us. We're here for you. You're surrounded by a community who loves you and wants to see you succeed.

And if someone in our cherished community doesn't feel that way, we will rally around you and protect you. Because you are us. We're in this together, and when you succeed, we all succeed. So don't you dare for one second hold back.

A candle's light is never diminished when it shares its flame.

Shine on, sweet friend. Shine on.

Kate Densmore1 Comment