The Hearn Family | Day In The Life


There are some people who come into your life, and then before you know it you can't remember a time without them. I first met Laura a couple of years ago when she was looking for a photography mentor. It's always an honor when I'm invited along for someone else's journey, and Laura's has been a particularly memorable one. She's mentored with me longer than anyone else, and went from a total, darling beginner to finding out just this week that she's made ClickPro. I've seen her go from too shy to even post on her Facebook account, to now leading and actively participating in a number of groups and collaboratives. It's been incredible watching her grow as an artist and as a member of the photography community.

Her successes are her's alone, and to have been witness to them has been a wonderful experience for me.  But, it's the friendship we have now built that is the true gift. So when she asked me to photograph her family's Day In The Life, it was like spending a day with old friends, and an honor to give this to them.

Every time another photographer hires me to photograph their family, I think about what I could possibly offer them that they couldn't just do themselves. They already have a million images of their kids and home and daily life, beautifully crafted and intimate images that no one else could come close to reproducing. Because it's not just other photographers that hire me - its madly, amazingly talented ones who do so. And yes, that's a lot of pressure at times. I do worry about what I could do for them that they can't do for themselves.

And then remember that the one person in all this that they can't capture and see with clarity, is themselves. Even if they are willing to get out the tripod and do self-portraits, they can never capture the way their family sees them. Because I think often, it's something that they can't see for themselves, camera in hand or not. And that is why I take this so seriously, and why I love doing these sessions for my peers.

Not only are they given a different look into their daily life and spoiled with a beautiful album, but they get to see how important they are to their families. They get to see how their partner looks at them when they aren't watching. How much their children adore and need them. How complete central and needed they are by their families. That is the gift of a day in the life session. And that is what I strive for when you hire me. It's what I want us all to strive for.

A day in the life session isn't about the literal day. It's not about what your bedroom looks like in the morning or how cute your decor is. It's not about how messy, or not messy, your home is. It's not about the outfit your kids wear or the activities you have planned.

It's about the emotions behind each of those moments. The love, the intimacy, the laughter. The way your son's giggle goes high pitched when his dad tickles him in bed. The way your husband looks at you and smiles before you even realize he's looking at you. The way your kids follow you around all day, always wanting to be closer to you.

Thank you for sharing your day with me, Laura and family! It was so wonderful to finally get to know all of you after seeing so many images for so many years. And I will hold you to your promise to bring me back for next year's session in your new home! <3

If you are interested in having me come document your story, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm currently booking travel sessions for early 2017. If you'd like to speak with me about hosting an in person workshop on finding your voice through documentary photography, please email me at