A Family Day at Lake Powell


Sunday 09/24/2017

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Location: Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend, both in Page, Arizona, which is located at the start of the Grand Canyon.

Fun Things To Do: swim, hike, explore, picnic, boat, check out the Glen Canyon dam, and so much more!

Notes on what I want to do better next time: This was my first attempt at a totally slow motion film, meaning I actually shot it with the right FPS. But, I still don't like the look of it - it feels choppy. I went with 60fps, I think next time I'll try 50fps. I'm also not at all loving shooting in full sun, but it's when we were there so it is what it is.

2017-09-24 - AYearOfSundays from Kate Densmore on Vimeo.

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