Brittany Blake - simple, clean, classic | Visual Brand Reveal


I am so excited to officially share my very first visual brand reveal on the blog! Brittany Blake is a talented newborn photographer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as a Click Photo School Breakout Instructor. Brittany is warm and down to earth, but she also has excellent taste and takes her business very seriously. She's done a lot of work over the past few months to really set herself apart, both as a photographer and a photography instructor, and it's amazing to see it coming together. Her visual brand is a piece of this - a new, more polished online presence and visual elements that better express her heart, soul, and story.

When we first started chatting, she told me about her desire to be more honest - more authentic - in what she puts out there. It's not that she hasn't been honest - anyone who's spent time with Brittany knows that she is super genuine - but it can be a hard thing to overcome vulnerability and fear and bring that sense of authenticity to the outside world. I think it's something that a lot of us struggle with - being real, flaws and all, in the way we interact with others in a professional capacity. Marrying professionalism with personality and authenticity is a tight line to balance on, but one that is so important when you brand and business is built on YOU.

We created a set of visual elements that communicate who she is clearly and effectively. Her branding is simple, clean, and classic - just like her. It's very polished and very professional, but it's also inviting. The colors that we chose have a classic, earthy appeal to them, which works so well with Brittany's natural style. The blues in particular are calming, which communicate exactly what you want in a newborn photographer. And the script font adds just the right touch of emotion to balance out the clean lines elsewhere.

Brittany's brand story is one that reflects her desire to hold onto the intangible. It puts importance on both the moment itself, and the importance of being IN the moment. And it recognizes how her photographs turn a fleeting moment into something that can be held for a lifetime. Her why is to give other parents the one thing she wishes she had more than anything:

"I would give anything to go back and have memories of my early days as a mother documented." - Brittany

It's a sentiment that is so relatable, and it runs through everything she does. And seriously, if you are interested in newborn photography at all, you need to check out her Click Photo School Breakout, "Newborn Stories: Documenting New Life in the Hospital, Studio, and at Home."


Brittany, it was such a pleasure working with you! Thank you for your trust, authenticity, and your willingness to dig deep and help me help you create a visual brand you love!


"Kate, you are amazing! I am so in love with it! This has been the BEST experience, and I cannot wait to incorporate all your hard work into my brand!" - Brittany Blake

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