A Beautiful Anarchy | Review & Q&A

abeautifulanarchy-1 I led a book study on the In Beauty & Chaos photography forum during the month of June, and picking a book for it was easy. I had just finished reading an advanced copy of David duChemin's newest book, A Beautiful Anarchy. I wasn't but a few chapters in when I knew that this book is one of THOSE books. The kind that changes your perspective, leaves you inspired and ready to work.

“A Beautiful Anarchy” isn’t a just photography book. It’s a book about feeding the creative mind and touching the human spirit. It’s not forceful, but it gets under your skin in the very best way. Each chapter feels like a conversation with a friend, a friend who isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear, but does so from the perspective of someone who cares. It’s asked me to reconsider things in my life, the value I place on my time and the voices I listen to. It comes from a place of experience and hard won realizations, but it still has a sense of idealism and passion.

If you follow David and his writings at all, you know that he is a believer in big dreams, but also in doing the work necessary to achieve those dreams. And this book helps define how to accomplish the work, how to break through failures, learn from them, thrive off of them. It helped me cut through excuses, and finally let go of things that have dragged me down and held me back for too long. And it’s reminded me that doing your work matters above all. That the muse may seem fickle, but if you do your work, she’ll come.

I highly recommend this book to any creative soul who needs to hear the hard truths, as well as some soothing words of encouragement. It’s a book that I will revisit time and time again, as I think the message and what I take away from it each reading will change as I change.

David was gracious enough to answer some questions from the book in a Q&A interview with me last week, and I wanted to make that podcast available to you here, as well. You can find that link here. It's about an hour long, and it will make more sense after you've read the book, so be sure to pick up your copy here.

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