Amy Nowak {From Vision to Voice}

This week's Voice & Visual Intent alumni guest blogger is the fabulously talented and unbelievably kind Amy Nowak, of Amy Nowak Photography!


I wanted to capture my daughter in this hard, evening sunlight on our mantel. She gets lost sometimes just playing alone. This image is somewhat reactive because she was standing on the fireplace when I saw the light. Her crown and wand were on the nearby couch, so I asked her to grab them. I wanted to use the light to focus on her. All of the light lines lead to her because it really is about her in this moment at four. I kept it in color because I wanted it to be about how colorful and fun and imaginative childhood is for her. She is a dreamer, and I love how she is looking down at her magic wand with her shadow behind her. I hope this image is hopeful and full of possibility.


Thank you Amy! This image is stunning, and hearing your thoughts on how you crafted it with intent is so insightful!

Kate DensmoreComment