Day In The Life

a Vacation Day In The Life that will make you believe in family

You know those families on TV, the ones who don’t even seem real because of how awesome they are? Like, it almost jars you from the storyline because everyone is so damned kind, thoughtful, funny, and in it together. You think: that’s not real life.

Well, sometimes it is. Let me introduce you to the DowFishCarp clan.


I’ve never known a multi-generational family that was more genuine, more real, more loving, and more funny that this crew. Of course it happens to include my very best friend, someone who’s open heart and love of not just me, but my whole family, has changed everything for me.

Some people are blessed with an amazing family from birth. Others never have that. And then every once in a while, you get a second chance to make an extended family of your own. This family isn’t my family, but it’s as close as I’ll get.

You could say that they are my family-from-another-coast.

And I love them for how they care about me and my crew, so it was an honor to document them caring for their crew: