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I love a challenge. Big time. So when Katie Jett Walls and I first started talking about the specific things she needed her new website to accomplish, she started listing out things some people might think of as impossible: namely, bring together ALL of who she is as a photographer onto a single website, that needed to both inform and entice documentary family clients into booking with her, while still maintaining the clean, professional aesthetic expected with more project-based, photojournalism-inspired, documentary work.

Challenge accepted. And let me tell you, we got it DONE. Let me show you how.


In addition to needing a website that beautifully represented both sides of her work, she specifically wanted a unique portfolio that would allow her to showcase her active projects, without getting too cluttered with her archived projects. And she really wanted a design that would “invite exploration”.

A few late nights of brainstorming and some mental rough drafts, and I presented her with a unique, tabbed portfolio that thoroughly invites that exploration, and has the ability to organize her content for years to come, no matter how many personal projects she adds to her site.

On the family work side of things, she wanted her warm, inviting personality to show a bit more, and for things to be a little more informal. As a documentary family photographer, it’s really important to connect in a genuine way with potential clients, and we didn’t want to sacrifice that with the more photojournalistic look of the other areas of her site.

So with the brilliant, brilliant wordsmithing and sales expertise of Hey Hey Shawna May, and a clean, bold, custom layout that echoes the rest of her site, but with a touch more personality, we created a details page that speaks right to the hearts of her target audience.

I absolutely adore this page, and I think it does such a powerful job delivering a fair bit of content that connects, while maintaining a structure and design aesthetic that’s not too overwhelming.

Katie’s new website is such a powerhouse, just like she is. And I love that we were able to showcase how a photographer can embrace all sides of what they do, and come out stronger for it, rather than separating it all out. No choosing which parts of her art are more important to her, or hiding some bits behind layers of menu or pages.

Just her. All of her - in ONE place.

Friends, you have got to go take a look around her website, because we hit it out of the park with this one.

the experience in Katie's words: 

“Kate took on the very difficult task of merging the two sides of my work - family and documentary projects - into one cohesive site. It needs to look like a photojournalists site on the home page, but it needs to function like a family photographer website too. Really different goals!

But Kate created this gorgeous, cohesive site that lets me be ME: a whole person, one artist. She is a freaking genius.”

visit her new website  // katiejettwallsphotography.com

follow her on Facebook  // @katiejettwallsphotography

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