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branding + website reveal for felicia chang photography

Full disclaimer: I adore Felicia Chang. Like, big time. 

Felicia and I first crossed paths in 2013, and then again in early 2014 during the very first run of my very first photography workshop, Voice & Visual Intent. We stayed in touch over the years, meeting up in person a handful of times, and our most recent meet up was in late May at a business workshop I begged her to attend with me. We spent three days together, hiking Vancouver's coast, getting our minds worked at the workshop, spending time with her girls, and talking non-stop. 


I've seen Felicia grow from the time she first started dabbling in business to now running a solid documentary family photography business, and becoming one of the very best in the genre. Her work has always been thoughtful, real, and poignant, and the level she's at now just blows my mind. It's incredible to see someone you've held so dear for so long grow into her dreams and wear them so comfortably. 


At the workshop we attended together, it became clear that one the biggest things holding her back was her current website. There wasn't anything wrong with it, per se - it was a perfectly adequate online space. But when you're at her level, you don't want just "adequate".

So when she approached me asking about what I could do to create an online home worthy of her amazing photographs and her copywriter's amazing verbiage, I jumped at the chance to create a space that was bold, authentic, and effective, and to tweak her branding in the process to better represent her professionalism while still balancing her sense of warmth and openness.


Her new look is so her, and it truly speaks to her openness, her draw towards the imperfect, and the incredible craftsmanship that she puts into her whole client experience.

And most importantly, it's as functional as it is beautiful, with a very specific website structure we thoughtfully designed to move clients through her website with micro-commitments that educate and build trust from start to finish.  

the experience in Felicia's words: 

"Kate, this is a truly incredible feat you’ve accomplished! Years of talking to you about my website and fiddling with it in my own...even if I knew it was sufficient to represent my business, it still didn’t feel quite like me.

As a teacher/mentor, you have always had this gift for understanding the people you work with so that you can help them understand themselves better. This branch of branding and design you have created continues to be an extension of that, and what gift it is!!!

Thank you is not enough my dear friend, so you’ll have to be content with my bragging about you ever after!"

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