Erika Reiner Photography

branding + website reveal for erika reiner photography

If you want some truly stunning underwater photography, Erika is your girl. 

When Erika first approached me about crafting a brand that better represents her personality and her heart, I absolutely fell in love with the Pin board she created for the project. I was drawn to the contrasts I saw - masculine navy paired with blush pink, hexagons paired with wood grain, and marble paired with soft touches. I knew that a brand identity that encompassed all those things was what we were striving for. 


Not only did we create a color palette and inspirational mood board that spoke directly to those things, we were also able to include a palm leaf graphic, a nod to Erika's central Florida home and lifestyle. 

As we were sketching out logos I really wanted to find a way to balance those contrasts that we narrowed in on early in the brand process, and as soon as I sketched out the iteration that included a palm leave underlaid with a subtle hexagon, I think we both just knew it was the perfect fit. 


for Erika's new, custom SquareSpace website, we wanted it to feel clean, high end, and personal. It was really important to Erika that we focus on her brand values through belief statements, and I was able to guide us to a design that allowed those belief statements to be front and center through a scroll landing gallery overlaid with text. 

The rest of the site is clean, modern, fresh, and feminine, and showcases her beautiful work perfectly. I just know that this site will be an even better touchpoint between her and her future clients, and she'll be able to show how service-hearted she is right from the moment they land on her site. 


Her new look is so her, and it truly speaks to her level of artistry, aesthetic, and caring, open heart.

And most importantly, it's as functional as it is beautiful, with a number of careful details we thoughtfully designed to create a sense of connection between her and her clients, right from the start.  

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