A Family Afternoon at Russell Tank


You know the old saying about how the shoemaker's wife goes without shoes? Sometimes that's how I feel about being a photography mentor and instructor. I love it - don't get me wrong - but my own photographic journey and pursuit of the craft often falls by the wayside. Which is what's led me to this idea - A Year of Sundays: a personal filmmaking project.


I have two goals with this project:

One, to simply get better at filmmaking. I was SO reluctant to learn for SO long, but I've totally fallen in love with it as a creative, visual medium in it's own right. I want to get better - better at the storytelling aspect, better at composing in motion, and better at editing.

Two, I want to do a better job of documenting my family's explorations of the world around us. Our remote, adventerous, park lifestyle is SUCH a cornerstone of our family identity, and I want to get out and explore more - and document it.

Sundays are our family day - it's the one day a week when (usually) everyone is home. So I want to make a "day in the life" type film focusing on our adventures near and far. Some weeks it'll likely be a film that takes place entirely within our home, other weeks it'll document our adventures near and far. But I want the accountability of this weekly project. And of course I am hoping that a year from now my filmmaking skills are way better than they are today.

So - here's the first film from last Sunday!

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