a day in the life of the Hamilton Family

https://vimeo.com/126057150 He told me the story of how they first moved into this house many years ago. Before they had any children to fill its rooms, and how it felt so big for just the two of them. Now the walls are filled with laughter, a few tears, and more love than seems possible, with one sweet girl and three energetic boys to round out their family of six.

As a talented photographer herself, Cassandra has covered their walls with photographs and wanted to get in the frame with her family. They all welcomed me into their space with open arms and showed me who they were. When I left 24 hours later, I was given many hugs and promises that we'd meet again. Cassandra said she cried when she first watched her slideshow, and that right there is why these types of sessions are so powerful. I spent a single, ordinary day with this family - nothing special was planned, and yet it was the perfect summation of their lives together.

For as a parent, it's in the most ordinary of moments that it hits you how very lucky you are. How very fleeting these moments are. What it is that truly matters. And how those who've gone before you are right: it passes in the blink of an eye. And I know it will pass all too quickly for this sweet family, but they now have tangible evidence of these moments. The ones that will one day be long forgotten except in blurry dreams and whispy memories, but now forever cherished in the pages of a family album.



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