2015 Reflection

My 2015 goals were to:

  • book six family photojournalism sessions - I booked four. The last two eluded me because of our move the second half of the year.
  • get published in a magazine - Nope. Hard to get published if you never submit anywhere.
  • get active in the Daily Project again - Yes! It took till we were settled in our new home, but since mid-fall I have been participating regularly again.
  • add two new workshops to my line up - Yes and yes
  • create a collection of presets - Yes! It took a lot longer then expected, but they are out and the reviews have been excellent. 
  • blog regularly, at least twice a week - total failure!!!
  • take two workshops as a participant - Yes! Skin Deep and My Brand Fits Me
  • find a better sense of work/life balance - Yes. Our move to the Grand Canyon gave me close access to a preschool for my kids, and while I'm still struggling to be more efficient with my time, I now have dedicated work hours (in the day time!)
  • slowly increase my long term mentorships to a full load of 12 students at a time - Done! And already booked through the first half of 2016
  • make time to shoot for myself - Yes. There were still some dry spells, but I was much better about picking up my camera regularly, and for myself, this year than I was in 2014. 

My 2016 Goals are:

  • to get published, dang it! Or rather, to make the time to submit places
  • book six family photojournalism sessions
  • book two local weddings
  • blog 1-2 a week, including guest blogging opportunities
  • start the planning process for hosting an in person workshop here at the Grand Canyon
  • teach V&VI twice, and sell out 8+ small group mentorships
  • continue filling up my long term mentoring slots
  • get a better handle on my time sucks - Facebook in particular
  • pay off my student loans two years early
  • take December 2016 completely off

Some of those goals I think are very likely to happen, others even as I write them I know I probably won't follow through with.

I go back and forth with goals - I do think they are important, if for no other reason than that they help you decide what it is you want. They provide direction, and that, to me, is invaluable. But - it's also pretty demoralizing when you don't meet your goals. And it is really easy to make excuses.

Valid or not, an excuse is still an excuse. And that is the biggest thing I want to watch myself on this year - I've found that as my time is getting more and more demands on it, and as I am getting more and more tired, bordering on burnt out, that there are a lot more apologies coming out of my mouth.

And if no other goal gets accomplished this year, I want to make sure that I focus on that one: to not overcommit, to find balance, and to continue putting my clients first.

What are your goals?