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I'm a family documentary photographer specializing in 24 hour "day in the life" sessions that are part story, and part poetry. I'm also a sought after mentor and workshop instructor, as well as a designer specializing in visual branding that reflects not just the heart and soul of a business, but its unique story as well. 

Based at the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona, I serve clients and destinations all over the world. 

I'd love the chance to work with you in whatever capacity you need. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

i’m kate –

it's nice to meet you! 

When I'm not documenting families all over the world or encouraging others to follow their photographic dreams, you can find me spending time with my husband and two young daughters at our national park home (currently the Grand Canyon, Arizona), and dreaming up ways to best illustrate the emotional themes of motherhood, connection, and family in my work.

(photo credit: Christina Beckett Photography)

the number of people I've been honored to work with through workshops and mentorships 489
the number of miles I traveled for sessions last year - thank goodness, mostly by air 22,844
the number of cups of coffee it takes to keep me going for a year - give or take a few 831
A huge part of our lives is where, and how we live - as a national park service family, we get to live in some of the most beautiful places in the country.

It has it's challenges - we drive an hour and a half (one way!) to get groceries each week. But we've also lived steps from the wild ocean coast of the Pacific Northwest and the steep walls of the Grand Canyon, and have called the high mountains of Colorado home.

It's an adventerous way of life that has come to define us, and the way we raise our children, in inmeasureable ways.
where we call home...
My "why" is woven throughout everything I do - how I run my business, the photographs I make, the designs I create, and the work I do with other photographers as a trusted voice and eye.

On the surface, my "why" is my family - my beautiful girls and my incredibly supportive husband. But it's also about so much more than that.

It's about my belief in other women - about how vital I think it is that we have something that is gloriously, selfishly: ours. Because the only way you can fill someone else's cup is if yours is already filled, and a woman following her dreams is a shining light to all those around her.

My "why" is about proving to myself, to the world, and to my children that I am more, and that I am enough. That I can live in the space between those definitions and find balance between who I am, and who I could be. That I can have high expectations for myself, without compromising to the expectations of others.

I'm deeply aware of the two little girls watching my every move, and I want my legacy to them to be one of commitment, preserverence, and following your heart.
knowing my why...

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family documentary sessions

see the way your story feels

You’re sitting at your kitchen table. One child is pulling at you and asking for water while you’re trying to help your other child with his homework. For a moment you feel split in two, and you drown a little in how hard it is to be so needed.

But then a voice in your head reminds you that all things pass (including the good things), and that one day you won’t be needed so much. Your heart constricts and you realize how much you want to hold onto THIS.

This exact moment: the ordinariness of being needed, of being right in the thick of it with your children. It reminds you of all those who’ve gone before, who’ve told you to hold onto these days with everything you have, and you know you need to find a way to make that happen.

I understand. And I can help: I provide tangible evidence of that aching "things-are-passing-too-quickly" feeling.

and a 10x10 album. a family film, a print and USB box, includes digital files, $1200 a two hour session Mini day
and a 10x10 album. a family film, a print and USB box, includes digital files, $2400 a six hour session half day
and a 10x10 album. a family film, a print and USB box, includes digital files, $3600 a twenty-four hour session full day

design & branding services

where visual storytelling meets design

Your branding may be a logo, fonts and color choices, but your BRAND is you. 

I'm sure you've heard that message over and over, and have maybe even gone down the path of trying to figure out your own brand, either on your own or with a professional. But it's still hard to know exactly what that means, and how to best communicate it to others. Being able to create a set of elements that communicate who you are to the rest of the world is an important step for any business. 

Here's why working with me will be different: I'm going to take my years as a mentor and photography instructor who's specialized in reading images, curating portfolios, and helping others understand their photographic voice - and I'm going to help you find not just your brand, but your VOICE. I'm going to help you find your why, and figure out how to express that to the world. It's about that intangible thing that runs through everything you do. I believe it's present in your images, and that I'm uniquely suited to helping you find it, and turn it into a brand that cannot be ignored.

In a word - I'm going to help you find YOU. I've already done it for hundreds of photographers when it comes to defining their photography, and it's just a small step to taking those same skills and turning it into a personal brand that will resonate. 

Logo Design

Not yet ready for a full visual brand? This option is for emerging business owners who are on a budget. You get the benefit of the basic building blocks of a logo, font, and color scheme, without the time commitment of the full visual branding process. 

Includes a basic questionaire, one logo, two font choices, and one color scheme. 

Logo Design // $600

Visual Brand

This is where we dive into the heart and soul of who you are, and work together to translate those things into a set of cohesive elements that tell your story to the world.

Includes an in-depth questionaire, a Pinterest homework assignment, a main logo, a logo variation, a submark, a color scheme, 2-3 font choices, and 3-5 graphic elements, such as social media buttons or brand icons, as well as help defining your personal brand story. 

Visual Brand // $900

Add On Services

These are only available for those who've gone through the visual brand process with me. If you aren't a branding client but would like to work with me, please contact me directly for a custom quote. 

ProPhoto6 Template Customization // $300-1500

Copywriting Services // $300-600

Marketing Suite // $300-600

Client Guide/Education Materials // $300-1500

Business or Online Presense Consultation // $150

education for photographers

this is the promise I make to you - 

I will fight for you. I will provide you with motivation when you have none. I will be your cheerleader when you can't see your talent for yourself. I will be an honest, gentle voice when you need to hear the hard truths. I will honor your journey by walking along side you for as long as you need. I will share my knowledge willingly and joyfully, and help you discover all the things you already know and shine light on new things that will change you. I will do the work with you to find your weaknesses and help you turn them into strenghts. And I will celebrate with you, cry with you, and laugh with you, every step of the way. 

I'm a formally trained teacher with a Masters degree in education. Mentoring and workshops are the perfect way for me to bring my passion for photography together with my decade of teaching experience. I've been honored to formally work with nearly 500 photographers over the last four years. You can trust me to put you first, and to show up for you. 

This journey doesn't have to be a lonely one. You don't have to struggle with where to go next, and how to get there. I will make time for you, hold space for you, so that you can grow and find your self in your art - no matter where you are on this path.If you are looking for a mentor, a teacher, a guide, or a friend, please reach out to me. I welcome emails, and would be beyond honored to be invited to join your journey, or have you join one of my workshops.

Mentoring, workshops, ebooks, & presets

"Kate not only helped me develop confidence in my current work and in my voice as an artist, but she also helped me identify what I still need to work on in order to get to where I'd like to go. If you have the opportunity to work with Kate, don't hesitate!" - Ashlee B -
"I loved getting to work with Kate for a mentorship and workshop! She had the most thoughtful and thorough materials and made things so easy to understand. She was supportive and helpful throughout my time working with her." - ronne p -
"I'm so very grateful for all of Kate's guidance. Worth every single penny!" - jana o. -

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